Saronic Islands Exclusive

Seize the day exploring the Saronic Islands!

Hydra, Aegina, Poros and Spetses are only a stone's throw away from Athens and provide the perfect backdrop for an authentic yachting experience. Cruise on a luxurious motor yacht among the islands of the Saronic Gulf! The choices are endless: explore historic sites, anchor in secluded bays, visit traditional villages, savor local cuisine, dive into crystal clear waters-in a nutshell, indulge yourself in the beauty of Greece! Boarding is planned in the morning from Faliro Bay and return in the early evening. The yacht crew offers an excellent service for up to 8 guests.

  • Depart: 10:30 from Glyfada Marina
  • Return: 20:00 at Glyfada Marina
  • Sailing Time: approximately 4:00 h
  • Max Persons: 10 pax
  • Day Cruise Cost: from 2400 € 1995

Motor Yacht

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  • Model Aicon 56 FLY
  • Length 16.8 m

Russian Bay

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Russian Bay or Daskalia bay is a well protected bay just 1.4 miles West of Poros.

Poros Harbor

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Poros town harbor provides an excellent shelter but, because of the constant traffic of large and small ferries, there is an almost continual wash caused by their wakes. Also, during south winds, there can be gusts.

Tselevinia Islands

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Tselevinia (Skylli and Spathi) are small inhabited islands at the eastern part of Peloponnisos. They are located between Poros and Hydra and have great isolated beaches with blue-colored waters.

Hydra Harbor

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The harbor of Hydra is always very crowded in high season and is best avoided at that time. Early spring is the best time to visit, when it is usually possible to moor either on the south quay or the inside of the north breakwater (where, however, it shallows as you go further in).

Dokos Island

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Dokos is one of the most popular yachting destinations in the Saronic Gulf. It is an isolated, almost uninhabited, island found between the southern coast of Peloponnisos and the islands of Hydra and Spetses.

Old Harbor or Baltiza

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The Old Harbor or Báltiza is the only yacht harbor in the island. It is almost always crowded and has been used for a long time.