Kalamaria is a municipality of the Thessaloniki region, located about 7 km southeast of the center of Thessaloniki. It is the second largest municipality of the Thessaloniki region as well as one of the largest in Greece. Two thirds of Kalamaria is surrounded by sea with 6.5 km of beautiful coastline. The commercial spirit, creativity and culture of the first residents of Kalamaria, combined with the potential of the areas geographical location, has molded today’s Kalamaria into a suburb with wonderful natural surroundings and offers an excellent quality of life. Kalamaria is characterized as a purely residential area. The natural surroundings and excellent street planning continually attracts new residents, makes the district a suburb which harmonically combines greenery and sea together with the warmth of its residents, resulting in a higher standard of life. Its financial zone is supported by the growth of trade, the core being the tourist attractions especially on the beaches. Also trade in the area around the historic center is developing in the Municipality. Carrying on a tradition of being a place of recreation and excursion, Kalamaria has become a place of increased tourist activity. This has resulted in bringing the residents of Thessaloniki together for entertainment and relaxation.


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